Monday 23 March 2015

This week: 22/3/15

  • Monday was a travel day, Tuesday was a homeschooling day! I took the kid to the dentist, taught German, voice projection and other elements of public speaking, went to the Royal Opera House’s very good cinema transmission of Swan Lake. It was fun, but having a three-day work week stresses me out. 
  • Despite this, the editing, interior design and book cover design process are going reasonably well. 
  • Changed the way I use Goodreads to adapt to the fact that there are no private shelves. Instead of everything I’ve ever read, I’ve now only got books I read recently, and actually want to review and discuss. In my to-read shelf, I’ve only got books I plan to read this year. 
  • Signed up for Eastercon. Better late than never is only true if you get a membership before they sell out. I think sales must have slowed down a bit after the hotel rooms ran out first. I live in London, so although it’s a bit of a trek, I’m sleeping at home. 
  • Friday was the last great solar eclipse of Britain’s foreseeable future but it was a wash-out. Not that it didn’t get dark and dingy under the clouds, just no darker and dingier than is typical for Britain. 
  • Finished the beta read I’m doing for James Latimer’s The Winter Warrior. It gets a big thumbs up, and some more detailed comments written out this week. Blew 35 quid ordering Umberto Eco’s The Legendary Lands and ended up with something beautiful and also - as it is Eco - eminently readable. 
  • Had to blow off some things I wanted to do. For instance, due to general tiredness and a short week, I just couldn’t keep up with the course on Australian Literature on Coursera, nor did I manage to have a social life with anyone other than my daughter. Or get any of the extra writing done that I usually do.

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