Sunday 18 October 2015

Birthday cake with camels - because why not?

So, I was requested to make a birthday cake with camels.... because camels are in, obviously, and anyone who didn't know that is out, equally obviously.

DAY 1 AM: mess around trying to make cut-out camels from marzipan, then trying to make a cookie cutter to make cut-out camels from marzipan. Failed dismally. PM: started free modeling giant camels out of marzipan and was reasonably good at it. Had a blast. Went out to buy cake dowels to stop the camels from squashing the cake.

DAY 2 AM: decided to use new chocolate cake recipe off the internet. WARNING!!! Do not use this recipe. It has ten times too much sugar, probably as the result of a typo. I was tired and didn't notice, especially as it repeats the error lower down. Ended up with chocolate marshmallow fluff. PM: started again using tried and tested Delia Smith recipe with chocolate buttercream filling instead of prunes. Inserted cake dowels with hovering camels on top. Collapsed into bed.

DAY 3 AM & PM: ate, drank and made merry.

DAY 4: hangover.

This was not my fanciest cake ever. This one was much more elaborate in appearance, but didn't taste as good.

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