Sunday 7 September 2014

Weekly roundup

  • Here I am, at the start of my month-long writing retreat and I have to admit it, I'm still struggling to get back into writing (#1, #2). I managed to do one scene for Manuscript in Progress which lived up to my expectations of my narrator's voice, but only by a combination of graft, strategy and experience. It's a bit like faking the work of an writer you know really, really well. Hopefully all this will change next week.
  • My strategy for the one accomplished scene, consisted of dealing with a long complicated series of dialogs during which everything changes, as though it were a fight scene. It was going to be one of those standoffs you get in Chinese movies, with six different characters duking it out in a clearing. Their words were going to manifest as spiritual weapons like those of Hindu gods, ripping through the air and tearing into the psyche of their victim. But since I am European, it ended up being more of an air raid-type situation followed by a series of nasty encounters in dark alleys.
  • I started writing about fictional personality tests, just for fun (#1, #2), then got sidetracked by essential research on One Who Walks with the Stars (#1, #2). It's going so well, it's hard not to get obsessive about it.
  • I'm gearing up to do more work on Wikipedia. The Stonehenge thing was just a trial run.

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