Saturday 23 August 2014

Weekly roundup

This week I...
  • Moved most of my Loncon 3 posts from Magic for Skeptics to Anfenwick and added a couple of new ones over there. I still have two or three more things to write, then I'm going to lighten up I promise, because it's all a bit intense.
  • Discovered that maybe people come to Magic for Skeptics thinking they're going to learn to use dreamcatchers. Oh well, it's a big wide world out there. Coming up next week: How to exorcise a ghost, Women warriors I grew up with and Magical objects and morality in ancient Britain. And maybe Kate Bush...
  • Had fun moving in project-related stuff at Anfenwick. Still have to finish.
  • Learned to use Twitter. I know... Anyway, okay, what I did is registered with a Twitter account then bribed my teenage daughter to register as well so I would have someone to tweet at. I didn't really learn to use Twitter yet.
  • Tried to explain to my family that if we wanted a 'less expensive' and exciting Icelandic/American adventure built around Sasquan next year, it wasn't too early to start planning.
  • Weeded the garden and made a chocolate tart. Refrained from trying to write in a four-day window between Loncon and the arrival of house guests.

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