Sunday 31 August 2014

Weekly roundup

What with having guests over for a week, I did even less writing and no writing related work. Not only is it stressing me out but I'm in full-blown mental energy deficit mode. It's got me literally sleeping 11 hours a night and finding it less than enough.

  • It's been a week of unexpected things as well, like my computer dying. We actually managed to resurrect it for a brief afterlife which I hope will last till December...
  • On the blogging front, I said what I thought about Doctor Who and Brett Bailey's Exhibit B. It felt good to get that out of my system given that quite a few cultural products make me feel like those two things respectively. I finished a few posts but I do this to play with ideas and I've not had much time for play.
  • The good thing is I booked my train ticket to my parents' house for next Friday. I will be house-sitting and writing. Nothing but writing. I can't wait. I'm going to be blogging about the process, I hope.
  • I may go to Lindisfarne for a few days soon, if I can borrow the car and find sufficiently inexpensive accommodation. I'm calling it research... but really, it's a need for inspiration. Late September is probably a good time to go up there. It may well be bleak, but it shouldn't be bitter.

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