Monday 18 August 2014

'Worst' of Loncon

Well, not the worst really, but the thing that made me most squeamish was the news that I should be on Twitter. Well, not just that I should be on Twitter but that I should make sure to always be the Bland Brand version of Anne Fenwick when I get there.

Actually, that's not what they said. What they said is 'Don't get into fights'. Basically. And it's astonishing how much that made me squeamish because I don't approve of getting into fights. For myself, I mean. I make a point of not doing it. I revile the use of abuse. I ignore personal criticisms and refrain from making them. But I don't make a point of being uncontroversial. Or even unacerbic, unsarcastic and uncynical at times. If it happens to come down to a straight contest between the excellent advice to 'be yourself' and 'be honest' and the pragmatic advice to 'be marketable' - and there is definitely a tension between the two - I choose the former. It's anfenwick, not anodine...

I attended a panel talk on Social Media and New Authors with Wesley Chu, Julie Crisp, Max Gladstone, Emma Newman and Danie Ware, whose advice I am sure was very excellent.

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