Tuesday 26 August 2014

Wet Sequin Party - Notting Hill 2014

Subtitled: excuse for not writing #473 (pneumonia)

The good thing about yesterday's weather is that we could actually move around and see everything we wanted at the Notting Hill Carnival pretty easily. The bad thing is that we got very cold and wet. The bands were excellent, the food and drink was fantastic and my American friend was suitably entertained by our quaint traditions e.g. drinking copious amounts of alcohol in the streets, right under the eyes of a load of coppers. Apparently, they're not allowed to do that over there. Also, I've come to the conclusion that the traditionally British black umbrella doesn't go well with sequins and feathers. We should start a new tradition of special carnival umbrellas, because let's face it, pouring rain on an August bank holiday Monday isn't exactly a unique event. Then, if by some strange chance it doesn't rain, we can pretend they were parasols all along.

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