Sunday 18 January 2015

A creation story

Our neighbors ought to hate us because we now have three didgeridoos, one for every member of the family. 'Why,' I can hear them thinking, 'did they not stay on their French mountain if they wanted to do that?' I can hear them thinking it because the walls here are quite thin, you see. There's a photo of the big didgeridoo, the medium didgeridoo and the little baby didgeridoo at the end of the post, but first something even more beautiful.

Space Christmas Story is a creation tale with clay figures and musical accompaniment including Druyd on didgeridoo. Druyd is Dubravko Lapaine, currently the big didgeridoo players tutor (and/or guru) from somewhere on the other side of Europe via Skype.

Druyd has a lot of other very impressive pieces on YouTube but this one is extra-pretty to look at. And here are the instruments with which we hope to achieve something similar, one day, eventually.

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