Friday 16 January 2015

Pope Francis is utterly delusional

The old geezer who's been trying to pass himself off as the nicey-nicey leader of the Catholic Church has revealed himself to be no better than a bar room brawlster. Apparently sweet old Francis thinks it's perfectly normal and natural to throw a punch at someone who insults your mother or your faith. I take it he's forgotten he's supposed to be preaching the turning of the other cheek.

He's also dismally ignorant of the restraint shown towards him in overlooking his own offenses. Look at the man! He goes around promoting a book full of offensive, barbaric nonsense and a bunch of useless magic rituals. Completely unnecessarily, he adds to the mix some rules practically calculated to promote poverty and misery throughout the world. He heads an organization most notorious for protecting criminals within its ranks. And now, he thinks we should settle our differences with violence?

I'm not a zero tolerance kind of person. Far, far from it. But the one thing which makes me angry is people who refuse tolerance to others, apparently blissfully unaware of how much is being extended to them. I'm also not into violence, but it looks like the Pope needs to be told that he's a disgrace to himself, to his Church, and to humanity in general.

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