Friday 16 January 2015

Specious editing tip for novelists

I plowed my way through the whole 2nd quarter of The American Dream this week - all 30,000 words of it! Now, I feel like I should be doing anything but staring at a computer screen which is cool, 'cos I'm done. I'm spending the afternoon taking my daughter to the dentist and repairing the washing machine. Don't you just love Fridays!

Anyway, the week has left me with an editing tip, based on the fact that I hit a roll yesterday. This turned out to be because that section of the middle was once the beginning. And you know how it is: everyone works harder on the beginning, everyone returns to it when they need to get back into things. It automatically ends up more polished than the middle and the end. So, if you want to have an easy time editing, here's what you do. During the drafting process, give EVERY section of your novel a turn at being the beginning! No, seriously...

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