Saturday 24 January 2015

One of those weeks...

The editing was all going so well, err... right up until Wednesday, when a stranger turned up at my front door at 8:45 am to tell me my husband had just slipped on something in the station at the end of the road. Cue descriptions of gore, ambulances, x-rays, plaster casts and a day and a half in the local hospitals.

A day and a half! For those who are not clients of the NHS, but of some other, more heavily billable option, please note that this doesn't amount to a complaint. The NHS systems are structured to dispense just the right amount of free medical care to those who need it most, when they need it most. If all you have is a broken wrist and blood all over your face, you can wait till they've taken care of the dying! So it goes... and the plus side is that we were in there long enough to make sure there was not going to be any serious concussion, which I must say was looking a bit frightening earlier in the day.

Okay, add to all that a surprise test - by which I mean that I knew I was taking an test but had no clue what subjects it was going to cover or what form it would take - and it's been quite a week. Now I'm left with choices for the weekend:
  • Do the two full days of work I missed - quite important, because I have a 4-day week coming up next and a deadline.
  • Clean the house, do the laundry and make something with the food currently rotting in the fridge.
  • Take my daughter to buy shoes that fit her, see that she does her homework and generally spend time with her. 
  • Make marmalade, or suffer the consequences and be forced to eat shop-bought marmalade for the whole of 2015.
  • Read books and write blog posts and emails to people I owe emails too.
  • Go out and do something fun in London and let the chips fall where they may!
Ugh! I'm so stressed out by the whole lot of it, I just slept for 11 hours. Also, my birthday has been postponed by a week to make room for just about everything which must come first. Oh, and I passed the test, but as a result I may need to significantly re-arrange my immediate future! Where are those frowny-face icons when you need them.

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