Friday 30 January 2015

Movie nights: Persepolis and Captain America

We saw Persepolis at the local cinema on Thursday night, in the original French. Based on Marjane Satrapi's comic books of the same name, it tells the story of her growing up in Iran, and to some extent in Austria, at the time of the Iranian Revolution and immediately afterward. It was sad, very sad, but in a good way, by which I mean it was a good film, with a beautifully told story. Well worth seeing. Also, it was really nice to hear a movie in French, especially as it was unexpected. I'd assumed it was going to be dubbed, right up to the moment where the soundtrack started.

We watched Captain America this evening at home and unfortunately I feel unable to summarize the plot because I couldn't discern one. I feel a bit dirty for watching enjoying it really, even if what I mostly enjoyed was exchanging sarcastic comments with my fellow viewers. Strangely enough, Captain America also had unexpected French in it, in the form of some French pirates. Now, seriously Hollywood, how did you invent some French pirates who aren't also Greenpeace activists? And if you later want to tell us they were really Algerian pirates, why did you have them talking with upper middle class Parisian accents? Also, retractable metal wings that fold up into a backpack? More cool than clever, don't you think? Although the other guy has a shield he uses as a frisbee... okay, enough said.

Next up: Into the Woods

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