Sunday 4 January 2015

More totally wild fusion music: Rufus Harley, jazz bagpiper

In October, I posted some music videos featuring amazing didgeridoo-western classical fusion music. I am in love with those pieces, at least I thought I was, until the very sweet man who shares a very small house with me took it as inspiration to take up the didge. In the intervening months, we have progressed through various musical interludes together: Song of the Flatulent Whale came first, followed by Ode to an Irritated Camel, then Elephant in Must March. I must admit that he is getting better, much better, due to a significant investment in hours of practice and moderately costly didge improvements.

I mention this because I'm terribly worried about what is to come next. Just before the new year, a blog I read a bit, We Hunted the Mammoth, introduced me to Rufus Harley, jazz bagpiper from Philadelphia. Intrigued, I eventually found time to listen, along with my aforementioned dh. WHY DID I DO THAT???  Now, dh is absolutely entranced and fascinated. What will become of us? Will he start scouring the local pawn shops for a bagpipe as Harley did? When the cops are summoned by the neighbours, will they buy his story when he says 'Do I look like a Scot?' as they did Harley's? Can I stand it if they do?

To be honest, I'm still making up my mind about jazz bagpiping but it's certainly a concept and Rufus Harley seems like he was a really cool guy. Here's one of his pieces I'm very sure I do like.

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